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Systems engineering


Today’s Model Based Systems Engineering must integrate both top-down and bottom-up approaches. Our Systems Engineers start with the BBII Information model to integrate all the processes, products, and knowledge that set each organization apart. These are synthesized into templates and approaches that build the collaborative team environment. The current web of economic, regulatory, and environmental concerns, and the need for reuse: these all call for new approaches that support both top-down and bottom-up development processes with best practices and lessons learned integrated into the critical development steps. We have a good understanding and hands on knowledge of most of the Systems Engineering tools available today. We constantly work with vendors to ensure our models and templates can be supported in your tool suite.

Our Engineers are trained to bring you through the web into useful just-in-time models supported by tools and desktop instructions to get the job done, to prevent failure and rework, and to get your team focused on program development not PowerPoint creation.

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