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Expert practitioners at the FEAC Institute explains how to implement cloud solutions using proven patterns from the field of enterprise architecture.

New from the FEAC (Federated Enterprise Architecture Certification) Institute Press, Architecting the Cloud applies the principles of enterprise architecture to planning and deploying a cloud-based strategy for enterprises in keeping with the intrinsic nature of their architectures, whether centralized or decentralized, in-sourced or out-sourced, employee-based or contractor-based.

The authors are leading practitioners of enterprise architecture and cloud computing and one of the authors is responsible for defining the cloud computing strategy for the United States Navy. Architecting the Cloud presents models of cloud computing and pairs them with enterprise patterns. It provides a phased, step-by step-strategy for transformation of current operations to a future state that partially or fully leverages cloud computing to derive benefits of capital conservation, on-demand scaling and support for enterprise expansion without a corresponding increase in enterprise IT complexity. The book also focuses on patterns related to the production of cloud environments.

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