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Enterprise architecture


Certified in Enterprise Architecture, BBII can provide experts in Enterprise Architecture for program support and training workshops.

Enterprise Architecture is essential in dealing with the challenges of ever more complex systems, including:

  • Changing missions

  • Programs as part of a larger System of Systems

  • Rapidly evolving technology

  • Defense programs with life cycles that are measured in decades

Enterprise Architecture allows a Technology refresh of deployed systems to increase performance and at lower cost.

Using the holistic approach that characterizes this design mode we address the challenges of today’s Defense Programs in which the problems of complex adaptive systems drive the process. Via Enterprise Architecture we can:

  • Define the problem

  • Define systems that are constantly evolving

  • Cope with the acceleration of emergence

  • Establish relevant value systems that are not corrupted by the observations

  • Create the incubator from which evolving systems emerge

Thereby addressing today’s architecture issues in the most timely and resource efficient manner.

Our Enterprise Architecture expertise has been leveraged to support Governmental Organizations including global and local concerns.  Follow our local project to capture the environmental, humanitarian and political issues of the sea lion population explosion in La Jolla with our tutorial at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2014.

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