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group training, bootcamps & workshops


From onsite intensive retreats, to two-day onsite workshops, BBII’s experience trainers enable you to get the best out of your team.

We have conducted a wide range of workshops for top tier clients, including:

  • Group training California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and the Washington DC Metro area

  • Group Workshops and training in Systems Engineering & Enterprise Architecture now available in Wyoming

  • “Modernize Your Workforce” seminars

  • NASA System Engineering Workshops: introduce key SE concepts and tools and their applications to daily workflow in a 2 day onsite workshop.

  • NASA Systems Analysis Working Group, create roadmap for common set of tools and practices across all 10 Centers.

  • Developing integrated tools and practices for Northrop Grumman AS and IS sectors. Including UML and Systems Engineering Tools and practices.

  • Nanyang Technical University SLATE and SE process training.

  • aEA Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Engineering Boot camps

  • Tech 24: use systems engineering principles and practices to collaboratively develop a technology plan for TSTC and the state of Texas in a 24 hour retreat.

  • Naval Air Weapon Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) China Lake and Point Mugu: Engineering Systems for Navy Interoperability, Writing Software and Systems Requirements and Writing Testable Requirements

  • Naval Surface Weapons Center Port Hueneme (NSWC PHD) received training on Writing Software and System Requirements (2015 and 2016) and Applied Systems Engineering for Logisticians

  • Workshops held for Naval Air Ware Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD):  Enterprise Architecture Boot camps, Cyber Security Event:  Cloud Security and FedRAMP, DIARMF, Introduction to Accumulo, Hacking and Penetration Testing Tools.

  • Programs:  Association of Enterprise Architects 3 month Boot Camps, Air Force Cyber Network AEA Boot Camp, Introduction to Cyber Security and Emergent Architecture.

  • JIT Courses delivered to Baylor University, SAIC, INCOSE, NASA and Northrup Grumman Corporation:  Various skills courses for Integrated Program Management, Test and Systems Engineering

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