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BBII team members  have participated in a wide range of projects including CANES, CLIP, SPAWAR PMW-150 Support, and SEAPORT-E Prime.

Our work in the transportation sector includes early design work for the London Underground rebuild.

We’ve done extensive work with Direct Broadcast Satellite Systems, High Bandwidth Global Communication Networks, Satellite based IMINT, and SIGINT collection systems.

BBII has been responsible for the development of massively parallel computing architectures for diverse applications including telemetry for range applications.

We’ve conducted multiple UAV programs (from advanced concept through design and flight test). These programs include UCAR, J-UCAS, UCAS-D, Firescout, and program support for NASA Dryden.

BBII brought structure to the programs for UPC Euro HITS, Data Fusion Projects, and Pratt and Whitney’s EPIC.

Our teams developed proposals including L-RAS, CLIP, and Po-Sheng, and provided proposal support for BAMS, CANES, LEMV, and ERMP.

We’ve provided process and tools support including Systems Engineering Workshops for EDS, NASA, Northrop Grumman, and Nanyang Technological University Singapore. We’ve conducted Enterprise Architecture Boot camps with Lockheed Martin, and conducted Technology Development Workshops for the State of Texas.

Note: Use of the NASA logo should not be construed as an endorsement of BBII’s services.

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