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An integrated approach is the result of lessons learned from many complex projects.

Your company may need immediate support in individual areas, but could also benefit from a long-term integrated approach including the development of solutions and training that allows your staff to continue work our staff initiates.

  • Systems Architecture

  • Systems Engineering

  • Database and SE Tool Design

  • SE Tool Support (including customization and reports)

  • Process Identification, Development and Integration

  • CMMI/ISO Audit Preparation Support

  • Requirements Management

  • On Demand Staffing

  • Live Requirements Capture

  • Global Collaboration Support

  • Data Management (including integration and import)

  • Skills Development Workshops (including SE tools skills)

  • Project Planning * Requirements Based Tasking * Program Management Support (with PM tool support)

  • Program Development Facilitation

  • Big Data Solutions/Knowledge Management

  • Analytics & Data Capture

Specialized Skill Building

Workshops allow clients to utilize a variety of SE tools. Sessions are tailored to fit client skill levels and process needs. Lessons learned are directly applicable to the job.

Information Flow Modeling

Extensive experience in the development of Information Models. This method conducts the development of a tool-based infrastructure to guide interface development between tools within the chosen site, ensuring that processes are followed. Emphasis of processing training shifts from detailed procedures to process awareness.

Capability and Maturity Assessments

Experience with assessments (CMMI level 5 and DFSS) have led to the creation of assessment support tools including templates and processes for information flow modeling and data capture to streamline the preparation of process, practice manuals, and data tracking.

Photo credit: Northrop Grumman

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