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Founded in 1998 by systems engineer Claudia Rose, BBII has delivered Enterprise Architecture and Systems Engineering to top tier clients for over 17 years.

As an enterprise architecture and systems engineering consulting and support company, BBII uses a model based approach to information development and to improve the abilities and maturity of our customer’s employees. With an Information Modeling approach to integrating program functions, BBII can provide the underlying framework to incorporate architectures (DoDAF and MoDAF).

BBII brings a broad range of experience in a variety of industries including Communications, C4ISR, Aerospace, Transportation, Emergency Response, Finance and Banking, Software Development and Cyber Security, as well as deep expertise in Enterprise Architecture, UML, SyS ML, DoDAF, Systems and Software Engineering and Architecture for program support and training.

We can provide a team to identify the model, modify the tools, write instructions, and mentor and train staff. We develop data, provide systems engineers, systems architects, and engineering support. We also provide targeted skills workshops and skilled support staff who can tailor tools, migrate and enter data, and direct data development.

BBII maintains a roster of approximately 20 on-demand employees as well as additional subcontractors and consultants. We maintain partnerships with a variety of tool vendors.

We offer workshops (key for increased maturity and staff building) on a range of topics including Enterprise Engineering, Systems Engineering, AE and SE Tools and Technology Development workshops. On the Job training (JIT) is also offered in these areas.

As a small, woman-owned company, BBII is self-certified as a SBA “EDSWOB” (economically disadvantaged small woman owned business or 8m.)

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