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information model


BBII’s information model based approach provides an strong integration management tool.

Our information model has been  presented at a number of professional associations (aEa, INCOSE, NDIA, etc). The BBII model is  modified and applied as appropriate to each customer and program. It is generally a phased implementation that includes the currently necessary elements for each organization and program.

The Information Model presented was developed to provide an enterprise solution to information management and delivery. It serves as the backbone of an Enterprise Architecture and  provides a guide for tool capabilities, tailoring and deployment. The BBII Information Model is tool independent.

Enterprise processes and best practices are embedded within the Information Model and tools are customized to automate the workflow defined in the model including the production of work products. Following this modeling approach creates a daily work environment that facilitates integrated data development following preferred processes. Once the workflow and processes become an integral part of the data development, it becomes easier to understand the impact of changes on the program. This in turn supports ease of identifying solutions to integration and development problems. Ingenuity in design allowing program development to utilize existing structures in new ways is enabled through this approach.

In addition, using an information model approach allows simultaneous “live” views of the data from different concerns including management and engineering teams.

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