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capabilities statement

Proud Awardees of Seaport NxG Award.

BBII now accept contracts through this vehicle (on linked in/social media).

BBII (founded in 1998) is an enterprise architecture and systems engineering consulting and support company providing breadth and depth to customer teams in the areas of Enterprise Architecture and Systems Engineering.

BBII provides experts in Enterprise Architecture, Physics, Analytics, UML, SysML, Systems and Software Engineering, Mission Engineering, Tools and Architecture for program support and training.

We have a broad range of experience in a variety of industries including Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), Aerospace, Transportation, Emergency Response, Finance and Banking and Cyber Security/Cloud Security, Big Data System Architectures, Requirements Management, JIT OJT Training.

BBII are experts at creating a Big Data common data stores to support simulation data needs and provide for adaptive data solutions that can drive organizational change. Big Data Architects TRMC across all USA Test Ranges Members of OSD Digital Engineering Working Group and NDIA Architectures Committee.

Developers of WISARD©, a framework-based solution to configuring a data store to facilitate development of vast streams for simulation and modeling.

BBII can supply:

  • A model-based approach to information development

  • Big Data and knowledge management architectures and tools

  • Experts in Analytics, Academic modelling, and Bayesian analysis

  • The underlying framework to incorporate architectures such as DoD-AF, UAF, TOGAF, JCIDS,

  • A team to identify an information model, modify tools, write instructions, mentor and train staff, develop data, provide systems engineers, systems architects and engineering support

  • Targeted skills workshops such as: SE Concepts, UML and Systems Engineering Tools

  • On demand staffing and skilled support staff to tailor tools, migrate and enter data, and direct data development

Customers Include:


Key Services

  • Architecture and implementation of big data solutions

  • Architecture of Emergent Complex Adaptive Systems

  • Architecture and Engineering of Classical Systems (large and small projects)

  • Big Data Solutions/Knowledge Management

  • Engineering Services to support system development

  • Management Capabilities

  • Information Models

  • Analytics and Data capture

  • Workshops and Training to support infrastructure deployment

  • Domain Experts to support programs

  • Writing Testable Requirements (WRT)

  • Project Management Training

  • Training:  Cyber Security, Cloud Security, Architecture, Systems and Software Engineering, Acquisition, Project Management and Systems of Systems.

Tool Support

  • Tool implementation planning and modeling, JIT and OJT training, tool set-up, data migration, data technicians, requirements, model population and output generation

  • Hadoop and Accumulo

  • Enterprise Engineering Tools: Enterprise Architect, System Architect. DOORS, CORE, others.

  • UML and SysML tools: Rhapsody, Rational Suite, Tau and other IBM tools, MagicDraw (No Magic), and many others

  • Risk Tools: Active Risk Management (Strategic Thought), MS Access

  • Program Management,

  • Creation of work automation with instructions and workflow paths to integrate customer processes and best practices into daily tasking

  • Analytics, Academic modelling, graph theory, and Bayesian analysis

Aeronautic Project History

  • UAV Programs UCAR (NGC), J-UCAS, UCAS-D, Global Hawk, Firescout, Predator

  • LEMV (LMI),

  • CSAR-X (Boeing)

  • Pioneer (Israeli Aircraft Industries/General Dynamics)

  • NASA (Dryden 10 year plan, Systems Engineering Working Group Support, Systems Analysis Working Group Support)

  • Pilots Associate (Greystone)

  • Control Stations


  • Unmanned Vehicles

Intelligence Project History

  • Data Fusion Projects

  • IMINT Collection Systems

  • SIGINT Collection Systems

  • Workstations

  • Sensors

Infrastructure Project History


  • CBIRD – Cross Border Institute for Regional Development,

  • TSTC – Texas State Technical College Technology Infrastructure

  • Bombardier – London Underground Rebuild

  • General Motors – Automotive Systems

  • Enterprise Architectures, Northrop Grumman, NASA, Pratt & Whitney, Texas Assoc. of Broadcasters)

  • Systems Engineering Infrastructure, (General Instrument/Motorola, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, NASA, United Pan-European Communications)

Communication Project History

  • CLIP, Direct Broadcast Satellite

  • High Bandwidth Global Communication Networks

  • HITS – Head End in the Sky

  • EURO-HITS (broadband, telephony & internet across Europe)

  • Systems Management of tens of million nodes

  • Complex Waveforms (Spread Spectrum, Cellular, SIGINT, RADAR, HF/VHF/UHF/SHF, Microwave

NAICS Codes: 48819, 541330, 541380, 541420, 541511, 541512, 541519, 541611, 541690, 611699, 611430

CAGE Code: 1WZ11, DUNS Number:092439962, EDWOSB

SAM Registrations Complete

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